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What is depression ? How to overcome depression without medicines Depression is a mental sickness in which a person feels sad and lon...

What is depression ? How to overcome depression without medicines

What is depression ? How to overcome depression without medicines

meriupdate How to overcome depression without medicines

Depression is a mental sickness in which a person feels sad and lonely. A depressive person does not feel any pleasure and happiness in routine life. Depression may cause to looses control over the mode. This disease spreading fast around the world. Luckily this disease is curable. Million of person around the world suffering from depression. The major cause of depression is the environment you are living in. The food may be another cause. You can cure depression by adopting a healthy life style and spending more time with family and friends. The following are the environmental factors that cause depression :

Environmental Factors :
  1. Unemployment
  2. Job dissatisfaction
  3. Job stress
  4. Family problems
  5. Social Problems
  6. Environmental Violence 
  7. Poverty
Food factors that may cause depression:
  1. Eating unhealthy food
  2. Taking excessive alcohol
  3. Increase smoking
  4. Eating food which lacks of vitamins
Depression may occur in a family due to genetic problems. Depression may be due to change in brain chemical called serotonin.

If the following symptoms lasts more than two weeks perhaps you became prey of depression. You should consult your doctor :

  1. Feeling sad without any reason.
  2. Headache that does not go with daily life medicines.
  3. Lack of interest in daily life matters
  4. Lack of happiness and joy in daily life
  5. Feeling extra fatigue and tiredness 
  6. Unusual joint pain 
  7. sleeplessness or feeling extra sleepiness
  8. Digestive problems leading extra appetite or lack of appetite  with out any change in diet
  9. Cramps and pain in different body parts without any reason that does not get better with normal treatment
  10. Your weight may increase or decrease without change in diet.
  11. You mind superseded of negative thoughts.

How to  overcome depression without medicines?

There are many factors that cause depression if you change these factors you may lead a healthy and happy life. If you want to overcome depression the following steps may help you to lead a depression free life.

Foods to overcome depression :

Meriupdate How to overcome depression without medicines

Serotonin is a brain chemical that plays a vital role in mental health. Serotonin is necessary for good mood , better sleep , energy , more focus and memory. If you eat foods rich in vitamins then your body will be able to produce more quantity of serotonin and you can overcome depression. Here are some foods that can produce more serotonin in the body.

  1. Include nuts in your daily food 
  2. Use Green leaf vegetables such as spinach
  3. Use eggs and honey in your breakfast for better start of the day
  4. Use poultry i.e chicken two or more within a week.
  5. Include fish in your diet as they are rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids
  6. Milk and soy products may cause to produce serotonin in the body.
  7. Banana is such a healthy food that is very necessary for mental health.

Yuga and meditation to overcome depression:

The another good way to overcome depression is yuga and meditation. If you exercise daily , your body will performs better. The early rising before the sun rises and exercising is a good method to overcome depression. The environment is full of oxygen before the sun rises. It is the good time for youga and meditation. If your body is filled with oxygen , every organ including mind will perform well.  So , early sleeping and early rising is a good way to lead a depression free life.

Meditation to overcome depression :

Meditation plays an important role in mental health.10-15 minutes of meditation can change your whole life. you will feel energetic, motivated,focused,joyful and depression free. Your mental and whole body will be in good state. The whole day you will feel happiness and depression free.

How to do meditation:

Doing meditation is not difficult. Everyone can do meditation with ease. You just required a noise free place where no one can disturbs.You can do meditation in your room. Always choose a place full of fresh air. The room should be airy. It should have good ventilation . Meditating early morning can be more beneficial .

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position. You may also sit in a chair.
Step 2: Take 5 deep breaths. Hold your each breath for 5 seconds.It will help your body to absorb                     oxygen well.
Step 3: Close your eyes gently.
Step 4: Just imagine blue light falling from sky onto your heads , crossing your whole body and                       leaving from feet.
Step 5: Imagine your all worries , stress , sorrows and depression is dissolved in this blue light and                   gone away with this blue light through your feet.
Step 6:  This blue light is healing your all wounds whether spiritual or physical.

Doing this mediation for 10-15 minutes will change your whole life and transform you to a new person who is calm , motivated , energetic , focused and happy. 

If you want to recover fast from depression do this meditation laying on bed before going to sleep.

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